New 21st Century Economy

In my training I dealt with well-being in a general sense that is understood as being well both from a physical, psychological and emotional point of view.

To achieve this goal, Naturopathy, Energy Techniques and Ortho-Bionomy® have come to the aid, a discipline that works on tensions and incorrect postures in a gentle and respectful way of the person working with his “Body Intelligence”.

But over time I realized that there was an important aspect that I had to consider: the relationship between well-being and an economy that allowed people to live their lives in a dignified way by having an economic freedom and fulfilling their dreams.

We live in a particular moment not only of personal hardships or uncertainties, but also of economic problems that limit the expression of what we really are, of our talents and the realization of our dreams.

I met a very interesting project that combines well-being and an economy that can lead us to achieve a financial freedom that we can pass on as a legacy to our children and grandchildren and with which we can realize our small and big dreams and make a “special” sense to our life.

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