Individual Consultations


Through the connection with the Creator Source, using the Theta waves of the brain, it is possible to become co-creators of our reality, facilitate the healing process, make changes in the DNA and at various levels, reprogram limiting beliefs replacing them with others that concretely support the process transformative taking place at this time on earth and much more.


Originally the meridian lines that run in our body, also known as acupuncture lines, were connected to those of the grid that surround the planet and cross it in certain powerful places such as Machu Picchu and Sedona. These lines had to continue by connecting us to a much larger grid that would connect us to the entire Universe.

Each body contains its own group of energy lines and points which, although not those of the past, continue to be the interface with the Universe, a channel that facilitates our communication of energy, light and information between the great and the great the small, the macrocosm and the microcosm, the universe and humanity.

At one point, humanity suffered a disconnection from these lines, losing the full innate ability to connect to the Universe and not being able to achieve a faster evolution and expansion as was originally expected.
RECONNECTION allows you to re-establish axi-tonal lines by reconnecting to a more powerful and evolved level. These lines are part of an infinite intelligent network, a parallel dimensional system that conveys the basic energy for the renewal of the physical functions of the human being.

So the job is to introduce and activate these new lines by carrying out an exchange of information and reconnection of DNA “filaments” (the simultaneous or parallel plans of existence).
Reconnection takes place once in a lifetime in two one-hour sessions.

In the RECONNECTIVE HEALING the new frequencies available now on earth are used.

P.M.T. (Pyramidal Transmutation of Memories)

It is a technology that uses coders capable of transmuting the ancient memories present in our genes. Thanks to their liberation, they will experience greater ease of personal fulfillment in this life.


An inner journey to find, understand and resolve hardships, fears, relational situations and to have a more complete vision of ourselves.


It takes place in five meetings according to the method of the Aquarian Philosophy of Baba Bedi. By psychic sensitivity we mean what the Tibetans call the Third Eye and the Psychologists Sixth Sense.
Talents, on the other hand, are our capacities, those potentialities that it is important to know and express in order to live life on earth in a joyful and satisfying way.


Re-harmonization of one’s energy field through the use of Universal Energies, through Universal Reiki-Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Reconnective Healing®, E.F.T., Logosynthesis.


It is an energy healing technique that brings harmony and serenity and at the same time is a path in which the energetic rebalancing acts on all spheres of the person, from the body to the spirit.
The Universal Reiki unifies the two modes of Reiki transmission that are currently used: Reiki Usui and Karuna Reiki to reach a single activation that immediately gives the symbols of both in order to transmit the teaching in a fast and complete way.

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

It is a self-healing system through which the meridians of our body are stimulated. It has proved to be very effective in physical, mental and emotional disorders.

The birth of a negative emotion resides in the thought field, then a sort of short circuit takes place which causes the energy system to go haywire and which causes the negative emotion that can result in symptoms such as discomfort or anxiety.

If during childhood there is an event that creates this type of path and during adulthood the same event occurs to which we were feeling uncomfortable or angry as children (and we were traumatized), we will have a an exaggerated reaction to the situation because we will not be able to elaborate it with an adult thought, but we will do it with the thought of the child, that is what we had when that given situation occurred in childhood.

With E.F.T. a series of acupoints are stimulated by tapping with the fingers, sending impulses and remaining tuned to the thought field; in particular E.F.T. it is effective on specific thought-field that is key episodes of one’s own experience. In this way the blocks that created negative emotions can be dissolved, thus improving the quality of life.


These techniques use the breath and mental images to help the person rebalance anxiety and stress and improve his attitude towards the outside world, others and himself.


It is a special type of massage based on the principle that there are areas or reflex points in the feet that correspond to each organ, gland or body structure. Working on these points reduces the tension in the whole body also improving circulation and blood flow, restoring normal nerve functioning and restoring harmony between bodily functions.


This discipline helps to relax tensions that cause muscle pain and joint blockages. Use maneuvers and light compressions that aim to inform and stimulate the physiological mechanisms of the body so that they can recover their natural functions and correct posture.


It is a method already used by the ancients who considered light and colors essential elements for health.

Through the vibrations of the colors it is possible to act on the different levels of the person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

(according to the EAV method and / or the Kinesiological Test)

Proper nutrition is certainly the basis for maintaining health status. The consideration of food as “medicine” is part of the millennial culture and practice of all humanity.
Often it is sufficient to combine the foods that are taken daily to find a healthy balance.

The food intolerance or food tolerability test is a bioenergetic test that allows us to identify those foods that are poorly tolerated by our body and that can give problems at various levels.


It allows to observe the condition of the different organs through the study of the iris and the observation of certain signs within it. This is possible because reflections from internal organs are projected onto the iris. From the study of the signs we find it is possible to observe the basic constitution of the person, the so-called “ground”.


Naturopathy intervenes as a “natural aid” that takes care of the various aspects of the person supporting her in the search and maintenance of a general state of well-being. It operates on the basis of an approach to the individual that is defined as “holistic”, that is, which considers all its various aspects. To do this, he uses various techniques such as iridology, bioenergetic testing, Bach flowers, food intolerance testing, relaxation and visualization.


For a numerological analysis more Numerologies are used in order to help the person to know himself better, his life plan and to realize it.